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It’s Braintastik!

Braintastik is an emerging online publishing platform specializing in creating engaging, fun, and brain-boosting content, including Sudoku games, puzzles, crosswords, scrambled words, word searches, and challenges for its customers.

At Braintastik, we believe that keeping your mind healthy is as crucial as looking after your body. Hence, we try to create and bring friendly and refreshing mental sports for audiences of all ages and genders, providing them a chance to sit back, relax, and have a fun break from modern-day technologies’ consuming routines.

Braintastik aims to provide an enjoyable, refreshing, and nice boost to the mind through our quality and a wide variety of puzzle collections at an affordable price.

Skills Testing

Our books contains an extensive collection of puzzles, aiming to test puzzlers’ skills like mathematical reasoning, and attention to detail.

Difficulty Level

Challenging your brain at a different level is not only interesting but also encouraging and makes learning a fun process.

Solutions & Tips

Our books contain well-explained solutions and tips to all the puzzles, making it even more convenient for beginners to get a good drift.

Print Quality

Our books are designed in large print, larger than the usual puzzle books and newspaper riddles, making it an engaging experience for you.

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Some love from our customers! ❤️

“… I just love this series of books! They are largely printed for a better gaming experience. The Expert level is making my brain smoking, that’s so much fun…”


Sudoku Addicted

“… finally a nice series of books for us, crazy puzzlers…These puzzles will make you reach another level and your intellect will thank you..”

Mark Lauren

Puzzle Maniac